100% Guaranteed Financing

How does it work?

Merrimack Auto Sales makes financing your new vehicle hassle free by helping you find a vehicle you can afford, setting up a payment plan, and managing the registration process.

How much vehicle can I afford?

You’ll need a 20% down payment when using our guaranteed financing. If you have:
$1000.00 you can buy a $4,900.00 vehicle
$2000.00 you can buy a $10,000.00 vehicle
$3000.00 you can buy a $15,000.00 vehicle

How are payments made?

After finding the perfect vehicle for you in your price range, we’ll work with you to set up a weekly payment plan, which will be automatically withdrawn out of either a statement savings or checking account for a term not to exceed 156 weeks (3 years). Length of the term based on the price of the vehicle.

Is there anything else to consider?

While taxes and registry fees aren't applicable to New Hampshire residents, If you live in Massachusetts you must also take into consideration: sales tax, title fee, and license plate fees. For example, Massachusetts’s residents purchasing a $4900 vehicle, the down payment funding would be:

$1,000.00 > 20% down payment required for the guaranteed financing
$306.25 > 6.25% Massachusetts sales tax
$75.00 Title fee
$25.00 > License plate transfer fee (if opting for a new license plate it will be $60.00).
$1400 > approximate money down upon vehicle purchase.
Here at Merrimack Auto Sales, we take the amount due to the registry and make out a check to Mass D.O.T. on your behalf!

Anyone looking to take advantage of our guaranteed financing must provide a valid driver’s license and a proof of income. BANKRUPTCY, FORECLOSURE, REPOSSESSION, NO PROBLEM!!!


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